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Automatic Doors

A door that doesn’t move is a wall. Swinging or sliding; doors are a major moving part of a building. Opening Technologies AADMS certified installers can service and repair most operators and automatic doors.   LOW-ENERGY SWING DOORS: Traditional man…

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Card Access & Cameras

Card access systems are a growing market and new technology is constantly emerging so the choices can be overwhelming. The following is a summary the manufactures Opening Technologies has selected to partner with. E-mail our integration services directly to set-up…

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Doors, Frames & Hardware

Different applications call for different materials (wood, metal, aluminum, fiberglass) and different hardware solutions. The following are some of the products and brands Opening Technologies supports. Please call or e-mail us if you are looking for something specific. Ives LCN…

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Restricted Keys

Each manufacturer offers different lines of keys and cores/cylinders with varying levels of protection. The following are some of the brands and their lines that Opening Technologies supports. We usually meet with customers considering a new key system to discuss…

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